Tipologia: Corso Online
Durata: 20 ore. La durata indicata è da ritenersi indicativa rispetto ad una valutazione media di fruizione dei suddetti corsi.
Lingue: Italiano-Inglese



L’allenamento della lingua inglese su particolari situazioni reali tratte dal mondo Travel & Entertainment.



Il corso Inglese Travel & Entertainment si rivolge ad utenti che hanno già delle conoscenze di base sulla lingua inglese e desiderano approfondire il suo uso in situazioni legate  al mondo dei viaggi e dell’intrattenimento.



Il corso Inglese Travel & Entertainment è costituito da 30 units, ognuna sviluppata su uno  specifico argomento del mondo dei viaggi e dell’intrattenimento.

Unit 1 At the bar Chatting about travelling
Unit 2 Happy birthday Dates
Unit 3 Something sweet Quick snack and take away
Unit 4 Cheap flights to Australia Online booking
Unit 5 What’s up tonight? Eating out
Unit 6 Free admission At the museum
Unit 7 Breakfast included Travel offers and package tours
Unit 8 A new bar in town Giving directions
Unit 9 Unpredictable weather The weather
Unit 10 How much do you charge per night? Making a reservation
Unit 11 On the air with Frankie dj Getting information about a trip
Unit 12 What a lucky girl! Visiting a park
Unit 13 I’m just looking Shopping
Unit 14 May I see the receipt? In a shop: dealing with problems
Unit 15 Where do you usually have lunch? Healthy food anywhere
Unit 16 I’d like to rent a car Renting a car and booking transport
Unit 17 Let’s go to the swimming pool Leisure activities
Unit 18 Something out of the ordinary Describing places
Unit 19 The Kangaroo Island Planning a trip
Unit 20 A five star-hotel Inviting people
Unit 21 I booked the deluxe suite Checking-in to a hotel
Unit 22 I apologize for the inconvenience Dealing with problems at the hotel
Unit 23 I hope you enjoyed your stay Checking out of a hotel
Unit 24 Do you like reggae? Describing the world: climate, vegetation, industry and population
Unit 25 Phone menus Dealing with recorded information
Unit 26 Don’t forget your ID Travelling: documents and insurances
Unit 27 Departure and take off At the airport
Unit 28 A big celebration Festival and celebration
Unit 29 Cultural awareness Different habits and appropriate behaviours
Unit 30 A new reality show Language surrounding celebrities and the media


Prodotto da: Scala Group S.p.A.